Violin & Piano Lessons

I focus on the correct and basic techniques when teaching the classical method to students, beginner and intermediate, learning to play the violin and piano. I usually accept students who are 10 years old and up. Lessons are at my music studio which is located at a convenient location with free parking and easily accessible by car and public transit.

My music lessons are for adults as well. If you have always wanted to learn to play the violin or piano, I would be happy to give you lessons.

Each music lesson is tailored to the student. This way, students can master a technique before continuing on to learn a new technique. Mastering each technique helps students gain confidence and they are then able to advance and play more difficult pieces.

I offer a wide variety of music for students to learn and play from such as classical, fiddle, movie music, and more.

I have a yearly recital for my students. If students are ready, they are encouraged to play one or two pieces in the recital. It is always a pleasure to hear and see at the recital how each student has progressed over the year.

For information on lesson times available and rates, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone. Or you can purchase music lessons below.

Violin Lessons

Piano Lessons

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