Showing Support for Music In More Ways Than One

You do not have to play a musical instrument to have an interest in, like, or show support for music. Here are some ideas to encourage anyone to be involved in music:

Attend a Concert: Go to a concert in an old church or go hear an orchestra. The music played at concerts can range from classical or baroque to movie music or country and more.

Listen to Music: Do not just listen to your favorite music. Try listening to 1950s, opera, classical, guitar, or ballroom music. There are many different types of music that are enjoyable to listen to.

Volunteer at a Concert: You will meet new people, learn new skills, and get to see a great concert. Enough said!

Learn About Music History: Look up your favorite composer or musician and find out what you can learn about them such as how they became interested in music or what inspired them to compose music.

Do not despair if playing a musical instrument is not your way of being involved in music. You can show your enthusiasm for music in many other ways!

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