Selecting a Public Relations Agency

If your company or organization is thinking about hiring an agency to assist in Public Relations, Communications or Social Media tasks and goals, consider the following things as you decide which agency to hire:

1) Does the agency reply to your inquiry and provide information within a few days? This is an important indication of how easy communication with the agency will be going forward. If the agency replies to your inquiry within two to three days, then it shows that the agency is on top of their communications and will keep open communication throughout the work with your company.

2) What ideas does the agency bring to help your company reach its PR goals? If the agency brings new ideas and suggestions and implements them to assist your company in achieving its PR, Communications and Social Media goals, that is a strong sign that the agency is continually thinking about the best ways to share your company’s message with its audience.

3) Can the agency provide examples of work they have completed for other companies? Ask for examples of work which the agency has done for other clients and companies. That way, your company will have an idea of how the agency approaches a new project and what kind of work the agency does.

Make sure to keep the above things in mind as your company searches for and decides on which agency to select and hire to help with achieving Public Relations, Communications and Social Media goals.

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