Practice, Practice, Practice Makes Progress and Perfection!

If you want to excel at a new skill, whether it be writing, playing a musical instrument, or anything else, you have to put in the time to practice that skill. Without practice, you will not achieve proficiency, much less perfection.

How should you go about making the time to practice even if you have a busy schedule?

Start Small. Begin with ten minutes of uninterrupted practice time. You will find that it will go by quickly. Then, increase practice time by five minutes, to make if fifteen minutes. Keep on adding to the length of practice time until you reach how long you want to practice for – whether that be 30 or 60 minutes or somewhere in between or even longer.

Set Aside Practice Space. If you have a dedicated space where your instrument and music pieces are or where your pen, notebook, and computer are, then you will be more committed to practicing on a consistent basis. When all of your supplies are organized in one place, you will always be ready to practice at a moment’s notice.

So start small and set aside practice space. If you put these tips into practice, you will quickly notice that you are progressing in the proficiency of your skill and getting closer to perfection.

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