Olympic Inspiration

With the 2014 Winter Olympics about to draw to a close, it can feel as if all the inspiration, joys, and reaching of goals and dreams will come to a close with the Olympics, too.

But that is not the case and does not have to happen. Let the Olympians inspire you even after the Olympics!

Olympians set goals of what they want to achieve and when. So set your own goals such as, “I will finish the first draft of my novel in six months” or “I will set-up my author website in one month” or “My book will be published and on bookshelves in two years”. Whatever your goals are, write them down and by when you want to reach them.

Next, put in the time and practice. It is what Olympians do – they train every day. What will you do to accomplish your dream? Will you Write three pages every day? Post on your blog or website once a week? Spend thirty or sixty minutes writing each day? Once you decide on your plan of action, stick to it. Create a routine and schedule the time in your calendar.

As every Olympian knows, it is important to make sure to reward yourself when you reach your goals. Take a hot bath. Go for dinner with a friend. Get a massage. Rewarding yourself will motivate and encourage you to work hard even if it gets challenging at times.

Just because the Olympics are about to finish does not mean that the goal-setting and inspiration comes to an end. Keep your goals written down, commit to putting in the time, reward yourself along the way, and envision yourself achieving your goals.

Soon, you will see your goals and dreams coming true!

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