Adding a Personal Touch to a Business’s Communications with Clients, Part 1

These days, many business communications take place through technology whether it be sending an e-mail to a client, posting updates on social media sites, or providing more information through a website or contact form. While all of these communication methods are part of today’s business and working environment, it is important to find ways to add a personal – and human – touch to business communications with clients and customers.

Consider adding these communication forms to add a more personal and human touch when interacting and communicating with your clients and customers:

1) A Handwritten Note: This is still one of the most appreciated and special gestures anyone can make. Taking the time to write a handwritten note shows the recipient that thought and planning has gone into the message. Plus, it is always nice to receive mail that you want to open and not just another bill!

2) A Phone Call: Instead of sending a tenth e-mail to a client, take out your phone and dial their number. You will find that clients appreciate the time taken to speak with them over the phone. Speaking with a client over the phone provides you with the opportunity to get to the heart of a matter and take five minutes to find the right solution instead of taking ten e-mails before knowing what it is the client is really looking for.

3) Meeting In Person: Schedule time to meet with clients and customers as often as you can and preferably at a location that is convenient for the client to meet at. If an in-person meeting is not an option due to distance, offer to set up an appointment to Skype or for a phone call. Taking the time to meet and speak with clients shows the clients that you care about getting to know them and building a professional relationship.

Clients and customers appreciate the special efforts and time which organizations and their employees take to interact with a personal and human touch. When clients know that companies and organizations take the time to talk and meet with them, then clients are more likely to have a positive experience with the organization and refer their friends and family to that organization, too.

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