Adding a Personal Touch to a Business’s Communications with Clients, Part 2

Building client relationships is an integral part of today’s business world. Clients will remember the personal touch of business communications from you, as their company contact, and will be more likely to return to your company and refer their friends and family based on their own experience with you and your company.

In last Thursday’s post, we mentioned that A Handwritten Note adds a personal touch to business communications with clients. Today, we are giving suggestions for times when it might be a good idea to write and send or give a handwritten note:

1) Life Events: If your client has a special event coming up in their life, such as a wedding, graduation, or birth, then take the time to write a handwritten note for that milestone in their life. Acknowledging the special moments in your client’s life will let your client know that you care and your client will be more likely to tell you about the event since they know you are interested in knowing how it goes.
Other life events which you may want to write a handwritten note for your client include a death of a loved one, retirement, promotion, or even the purchase of a new house.

There are many events which come up in life for which a handwritten note would be appreciated. See if you can add to the above list and surprise your client with an unexpected handwritten note to let them know that you care about what is important to them and the special milestones and events that are happening in their life!

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